3D Layout Animator

Remote or studio based full time employee or contractor positions available. 

Job description:

  • Utilizing software under direction to produce layout scenes by placing cameras and models, including pre-visualizations with our rigs and self-created dummy models.

  • Work with the director, supervisor and leads to achieve the best story, responding to feedback effectively.

  • Self-assess progress and utilize time management techniques, as well as production tracking software, to meet deadlines and milestones.

  • Follow our protocols in file management, project organization, and version control.

  • Communicate effectively and respectfully.

  • Occasionally help in producing animated content with our rigs and models under direction.

(Japan / Canada) Contractor positions:

  • Paid per shot based so holiday and work hours are free.

  • Remote or on-site available.

(Japan only) Employee positions:

  • Working hours: 9:30 to 18:00 (1 hour break) totaling 7.5 hours work per day.

  • Location: 2 minutes on foot from Shin-Okubo Station on Yamanote Line.

  • Welfare benefits: Medical & Nursing Insurance, pension, Employment Insurance, and yearly confidential* free medical examination.

  • Transportation: Train expenses and up to additional 9,000 yen green allowance if living within 10km of studio.

  • Other allowances: Family, skill, overtime, dailies.

  • Other benefits: lounge, lunch & recreation facilities, free weekly Japanese/English classes, life drawing, and acting workshops.

  • Holidays: Saturdays, Sundays, Japanese National Holidays, Christmas holidays, 125 annuallyplus annual leave. Additionally 10 extra paid holidays after 6 months full-time employment, 11 after 1.5 years, 12 after 2.5 years. Holidays can be changed or negotiated to benefit the employee as the company deems necessary within the bounds of labor law.

  • Bonus: July and December based on proven work record and company profits.

  • Yearly raise: Annually calculated.

  • Total gross monthly salary including benefits: 210,000-560,000 Japanese yen.

Minimum requirements: 

  • Minimum of 1 year studio experience.

  • Demonstrable knowledge of animation techniques using a modern CG package like Blender, MotionBuilder, Maya 3DsMax or XSI.

  • Strong sense of visual storytelling (emphasis on character performance, fight choreography, shot composition, and timing).

  • Desire to further improve skills and techniques.

  • Strong will and self-motivation to complete tasks on time.

  • Work well within a team.

  • Resume and Demo Reel.

  • Must be willing to complete a art test if requested to do so.

  • Ability to communicate and understand English direction.

  • Native Japanese will need to show a willingness to communicate with an international team.

Extra skills that might be beneficial: 

  • Strong understanding of animation principles.

  • Past experience storytelling in VR/AR.

  • 2d traditional hand-drawn animation skills, life drawing or illustration skills.

  • Technical computer animation knowledge like rigging, dynamics or scripting.

  • Acting or live action experience, in front or behind the camera.

  • Ability to communicate in Korean or Chinese (any dialect).

*In Japan employers will have access to your medical records, at Toneplus we contractually make sure all such data is only accessible only by you and the doctor.

**Salary is based on proven skill alone. Toneplus does not consider age, race, beliefs, sex or sexuality to be factors in calculation. Ability for advancement at all levels is open to all staff.  Toneplus has a proven record on equal position advancement and equal wages.

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